Sep 16 2011

First Month Anniversary of the Blog

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So this blog is one month old. I know I have been little inactive in last week, as I have some exams and project stuff to work on and couldn’t spare time but I promise to be much more active in a week.
I will really like to thank all of those who has read my new blog so far and I’m quite satisfied with the response at this stage (especially from Spam Bots 😛 )

Anyways, thanks again all.

Aug 16 2011

First Post, First Blog, First Paid Host!

Category: Randomksg91 @ 3:04 pm

Well well well..

Finally, the moment, I was waiting for so long, has come.  I always wanted to be a regular blogger and wanted to start blogging about my interests (i.e. programming/coding and tech) but there were two things stopping me from doing this, Time and Laziness. No doubt, I had a blog in past (I shouldn’t be calling it a blog! :X) that contained only single post, and that too was just copy-paste of my First Impressions of Nokia N8 that I posted on Chip India Forum

But at last I made up my mind yesterday and bought and a hosting plan from Expertrio . This is my first paid hosting. I have been doing some web coding since 2008 but never felt necessity to buy a paid host just because I wasn’t serious about this things. But then, It was time to go for the first paid host.

This host was suggested to by Sathya Bhat and Abhisek Dutta. As I trust them more, I decided to go for this hosting company without even checking for reviews from other guys or even didnt go for the trial plan offered by the nice guys at Expertrio. And First Impression about this hosting is very nice. I filled up the details and ordered the plan and the next minute my account was active.
During order, something may have gone wrong and my domain ( wasn’t added to my hosting plan. But with in a minute of the time I bought plan, I was DM’d on twitter by one of their tech representative about this and the next minute it was fixed. I am really impressed with their prompt support. I will really recommend their hosting.

Well, now no more things are coming in my mind to write into my first post! And already getting late for my snooker match with a friend. So TATA! Bye! 🙂