Jul 06 2012

Tweet My Post

ksg91 @ 4:40 pm

A WordPress Plugin which Tweets the new posts with its title, link, Author’s twitter handle and a featured image from post.

Latest Info:

Latest Version: 1.7.32

Link to WordPress Page: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/tweet-my-post/ 

Github Repo: https://github.com/ksg91/Tweet-My-Post


This plugin allows WordPress Authors to set their twitter handle and whenever a new post is published, tweet will be sent with post’s title, link, it’s author’s twitter handle and a featured image.

Defualt Format would be “POST_TITLE – POST_LINK by @AUTHOR FEATURED_IMAGE” .

You can also set your own custom format that suits you best. Several options are available to customize your tweet from settings or at sidebar on post/page editor.

Much more to come! 🙂


Tweet My Post Settings Page

Compose/Edit Post

Set Author’s Handle

Log Page


  1. Upload all files to the /wp-content/plugins/tweet-my-post/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress



  • Added option to set defaults for Editor’s Sidebar.


  • Warnings while posting a post fixed, breaking posting flow.


  • Fixed bug of error resulting in breaking WordPress post flow.
  • Exceptions are handled and logged


  • Library update


  • Fixed issue of Tweet My Post not working due to Twitter’s API v1’s deprecation


  • Tweet My Post messing other functionalities is fixed, hopefully.
  • Tweet My Post uses the WordPress’ jQuery now.
  • Performance may improve a bit


  • Updated support details


  • Fixed internal bug


  • Added Support for Future/Scheduled Posts


  • Few bugs fixed
  • Featured Image Option for Post and Pages
  • jQuery based Side Pan while composing a post.


  • Previews the Tweet


  • Added support for shortlinks
  • Decent logs
  • Fixed permalink issue
  • Added support for page


  • Quick fix to styling issue in other pages


  • Allows you choose whether to tweet or not while publishing post or page


  • Added Feature to set custom Format


  • Fixed a security flaw


  • Added Debug Log


  • Under the hood changes


  • A separate page for Twitter API keys and access tokens
  • A user page to set thier Twitter handle.


How to set my twitter handle?

You will find a menu called Tweet My Post under Users. Open it and set your Twitter Handle.

How do I set my Twitter account’s details from which the tweets are suppose to go?

You will find the instructions under Tweet My Post menu.

Why doesn’t this plugin send Tweet?

You can check the reason at TMP – Log page. Most probably because you have not set your API and Access Tokens/Secret. Another well-known cause is, your Twitter app has only read permission. Update setting to read+write permission and re-create access tokens.

23 Responses to “Tweet My Post”

  1. Jarrett Haley says:

    Hey! Great plugin! But I noticed it doesn’t work when scheduled posts are published. Any chance for that?

    Thanks again!


    • ksg91 says:

      Fix has been released already few days back 🙂

      • heena says:

        I love this plugin. I failed to make other popular plugins to smoothly tweet the post with image.

        Some posts were posted on twitter once, mostly it tweets it two times ! Even twitter does not stop it as it generally do not allow duplicate post. I have to delete one tweet from those identical two.

        Is there any way on plugin side or twitter side to stop it tweeting same post again ?

        Thanks for your free gift of this plugin.

  2. alistair barclay says:

    hi I have installed tweet my post ok and every thing is visable as per your screen shots except on my post screen the three symbols are all grey and nothinhg happens if I try to preview the tweet. I have entred my twitter id @countrystudio2 wher you indicate under users. can you help please? I must just be missing something?

    • ksg91 says:

      Hi, sorry to know the issue.
      Grey icon means option is not checked. Click on it to turn it on and icon will become colorful.
      Regarding preview issue, are you sure that you are running latest version? There was a bug in older release.

  3. akouris says:

    Hi, just wanted to let you know that when using unicode characters in a post title, post does not get tweeted.

    Unicode characters in question are greek (????????).

    • heena says:

      Make your mySQL database to properly accept unicode characters and test by saving unicode characters from phpmyadmin.

      If that is ok, find database connection string similar to mysql_connect and put following query after connection is created
      mysql_query(“SET NAMES ‘utf8′”) or die(mysql_error());

      I was stuck saving Hindi and this solution worked finally.

  4. Nofia says:

    How does this work with BuddyPress?

  5. nauval says:

    Hi there, I wanna report that your plugin cause jquery.ui.core.min Uncaught TypeError: Object function (a,b){return new p.fn.init(a,b,c)} has no method ‘curCSS’ on my site.

    Here the detail http://staidbands.com/blog/internet/jquery-ui-core-min-uncaught-typeerror-object-function-abreturn-new-p-fn-initabc-has-no-method-curcss/


  6. Jacob says:

    Thanks for making this plugin- opted for this one because it seems less spammy; I’m not a fan of ‘auto-tweeting’, seems so robot like.

  7. Kristin says:


    Just installed this plugin – it’s exactly what we need, but it disables the ability to add tags to our posts on the edit post page. Any ideas? The tags that are already there no longer appear, and when we add a tag, it acts like pressing the button worked, but displays no tags in the list.

    Another issue I noticed is about the widget on the edit post page. It shows the images that are possible to choose from as a featured image to use in the tweet, but when we choose one, then update the scheduled post, the image reverts to the first image in the series, and that is not the image we want to be tweeted.

    We had an emergency today when our old auto-tweet plugin started wildly tweeting a stream of posts from years ago, so we got rid of that plugin, but we need something that works soon because we post once or twice, and sometimes three times a day, and I have to manually do it until we have a solution.

    Really appreciate the work you’ve done on your plugin. Thanks!


    • ksg91 says:

      Hi Kristin, sorry for the inconvenience. I am aware of a little issue about jQuery conflicts disabling the functionality of adding hyperlink to a word but about tag, I haven’t faced it. I am going to fix it asap. Actually, I have tight deadline for my project at office and I can’t get enough time to work on other projects. But be assured, i will rewrite whole jQuery code so that it doesn’t conflict with others.
      Regarding scheduled post, I wasn’t sure people use scheduled post that much. So, I never went deep into that and developed those features mainly for instant publish. I’ll update the plugin for better support of scheduled posts soon. Even I am working on new major release of plugin with lots of changes but its again way behind the schedule because of my job.
      Sorry for the inconvenience again.

  8. Dhruv says:

    going great………..keep it up budy….

  9. Lindsey G says:

    I’ve been getting an error every time I publish a post and it seems to have something to do with this Plug-in. Anyone else?

    • ksg91 says:

      Actually it will give you error when twitter returns a error because in hurry of fixing the new Twitter’s API changes that were causing plugin to stop working. This error will happen often when you try to post same status twice or more , or you have wrong OAuth tokens. Error should be self explanatory. I am sorry for the inconvenience. Next version will fix it.

  10. John says:

    Optional Text – I see this option and want to expand the tweet to include some additional text. How do you make that happen?

    • ksg91 says:

      Hi John, optional text is the part which is only included if the author of blog post has set his twitter handle. Look at the example of tweet option. You will get the idea. 🙂
      Btw, thanks for trying out the plugin, hope you like it. 🙂

  11. Jarrett Haley says:

    I’m loving this thing, and thanks for all the updates. I was wondering if you’ve ever considered including options for post metadata in the optional text, like a [c][/c] thing for category? Or just the author’s name, without Twitter handle?

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