Aug 25 2011

Symbian Belle Announced Officially, Nokia 600,700 and 701 Official

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As I posted yesterday here , Today Nokia at an event at Hong Kong announced Symbian Belle officially and announced new three phones 600, 700 and 701.

You can see the tech specs’ comparision of above three phones here: –

These phones will be launched in Q3 2011. Symbian Belle will be available for N8, E7, C7, etc in Q4 (hoping they meant 2011 :P)

This event has been very interesting for Symbian fans. Kudos, Nokia!

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Aug 25 2011

LG Optimus 3D, Worlds First 3D Phone Launched in India

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I had my eyes on this device ever since I saw this on some show. Well, Its LG Optimus 3D.

Its world’s first 3D smartphone. LG was first to introduce dual core phone with LG Optimus 2x and now again first with first 3D smartphone! Good move LG.

LG Optimus 3D features worlds first tri-dual i.e. Dual Core, Dual -Channel and Dual Memory architecture.

LG Optimus comes with Dual-core 1GHz ARM Cortex-A9 proccessor, PowerVR SGX540 GPU, TI OMAP4430 chipset. It has got 4.3″ screen with WVGA display which let user experience 3D viewing without the need of glasses. The best thing about this is depth, that produce the 3D display without the need of glasses. This phone runs Android 2.2 and is upgradable to 2.3. It has also got the LG’s 3D UI as seen in above image. Other features are 512MB RAM, 8 GB internal memory expandable upto 32 GB with microSD, A-GPS etc.

This phone is not only limited to displaying 3D content but as well as producing it too. It has 5 MP with LED camera which is capable of taking 3D image! It is capable of also recording 1080p @ 30fps 2D videos and 720p @ 30 fps 3D videos! This could be really interesting and exciting thing for all and one feature to force some enthusiastic to buy this phone.

LG Optimus 3D comes with 15mAh battery only. IMO, this is low for a giant phone like this. I believe this phone will suffer with low battery life. It would have been a lot better if this phone was packed with some higher power battery.

It was expected that this phone will launch in India between 35k-40k and as expected, it is launched at Rs 37,500. IMO, its well priced.

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Aug 23 2011

Symbian Belle going to be Official?

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Nokia has something new for all us in its Facebook Fan Page.

Check it

Uploaded with
Teased??  There is much more to be teased about!

Nokia put this countdown for 48 hours. This flash file initially had url

Got idea what is main teaser? 😛 It is something to do with new Symbian Belle. Its going to be official in 23 hours! 😀

After that, url being noticed by several persons and posted on few blogs, nokia changed url to

Dear Nokia, don’t you think you are too late to do that? 😛

Anyway, it is expected that Nokia is also going to announce its new handsets like 600, 700 and 701. Whatever it may be, its going to be quite exciting just because its belle! If you have any update on this, do post it in comments. 🙂

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Aug 21 2011

Symbian Anna – Changelog

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17th and 18th Aug would be one of the happiest day for Symbian^3 users. Most awaited Symbian Anna became available on 17th Evening (IST) via Nokia Care Suite only but later next morning, it was available via OTA as posted here:


Nokia, along with N8, released Symbian Anna for other first generation Symbian^3 phones – C7, E7 and C6-01. It is available in European and Asian markets including the UK, France, Russia, Indonesia, China and India and more countries in upcoming three weeks.

Well, now back to the topic,  Symbian Anna update was 25 MB in size.

yfrog Photo : Shared by ksg91yfrog Photo : Shared by ksg91

Symbian Anna update was followed by the four updates from SW Update.

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Aug 18 2011

Symbian Anna for Nokia N8 Available

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The most awaited Symbian^3 update, Symbian Anna, for Nokia N8 finally started rolling out yesterday evening. It was first available through only Nokia Care Suite. But finally before several minutes, It became available Over the air.

yfrog Photo : Shared by ksg91yfrog Photo : Shared by ksg91



To update your Nokia N8 simply follow three steps:

  1. Press *#0000#
  2. Check for Update
  3. Accept and Done!
If you are trying to find this update in SWUpdate from menu, it won’t show it there.
As you can see in image above, its just around 25 MB.
I will posting more about this after I finish installing this on my Nokia N8. 🙂


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Aug 17 2011

1930mAh Battery for Nokia N8?

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“Battery Low!!” We always feel worried seeing this message on our phone, especially when we are out door. Gadget geeks’ power hungry smartphones always crave for more power! And there comes the batteries from the well known company for extended batteries, Mugen Power Batteries. They produce extended batteries (upto 4800mAh for Motorola Atrix!) for almost all smartphones but… but Nokia N8. Well, it isn’t their fault though. Nokia N8’s non-user removable battery design makes too hard to fit any batteries thicker than original battery.

After many request from N8 users, Mugen Power Batteries decided to start research for possibility of developing extended batteries for Nokia N8 only if they get 500 votes on twittion.

But before even they reach 500 votes, they said this to me in one talk,

@ksg91 This is currently in discussion. We have collected enough votes on twitition to initiate the development evaluation

They told me that they will post result soon. But as rumors said, they may make 2000mAh battery. Asking them about this, they

@ksg91 I think it’s not going to be 2000mAh but around 1500mAh. N8 is not too flexible for extension as it turns out.

Couple of days ago, I asked them about this and they replied that they haven’t come to any conclusion yet but result will be available soon.


But today, while wandering over the Internet, I came across extended batteries for Nokia N8! Yes, extended battery of 1930mAh. The possibility of extended battery more than 1500mAh was  declined by Mugen Batteries while the product I come across claimed to be of the same size of the original battery and still having 1930mAh power!

The product is on ebay UK.  The product costs just £6.15 (Rs. 400 only) . Here is the link to battery:

Looking at the price and other factor, product seems to be unrealistic. If anybody have any information about this, do comment here. 🙂


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Aug 17 2011

Symbian Belle for Nokia N8 Leaked

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Last night, suddenly, my twitter timeline was filled with Symbian Belle leak tweets. I checked few sources and all seems to say its valid news. I really wanted to blog about this but I was too sleepy and already in my bed. 🙁 So as soon as I waked up, I decided to blog about it.

Symbian Belle! Really, it is a dream OS for any Symbian Lover. Symbian Anna is not yet officially available for Nokia N8 and still Symbian Belle, major FW update, leak must be a great news. 😛

orvvan from Daily Mobile Forum, posted that he has already tested this Belle FW on his Nokia N8 and uploaded test video on youtube.

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Aug 16 2011

First Post, First Blog, First Paid Host!

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Well well well..

Finally, the moment, I was waiting for so long, has come.  I always wanted to be a regular blogger and wanted to start blogging about my interests (i.e. programming/coding and tech) but there were two things stopping me from doing this, Time and Laziness. No doubt, I had a blog in past (I shouldn’t be calling it a blog! :X) that contained only single post, and that too was just copy-paste of my First Impressions of Nokia N8 that I posted on Chip India Forum

But at last I made up my mind yesterday and bought and a hosting plan from Expertrio . This is my first paid hosting. I have been doing some web coding since 2008 but never felt necessity to buy a paid host just because I wasn’t serious about this things. But then, It was time to go for the first paid host.

This host was suggested to by Sathya Bhat and Abhisek Dutta. As I trust them more, I decided to go for this hosting company without even checking for reviews from other guys or even didnt go for the trial plan offered by the nice guys at Expertrio. And First Impression about this hosting is very nice. I filled up the details and ordered the plan and the next minute my account was active.
During order, something may have gone wrong and my domain ( wasn’t added to my hosting plan. But with in a minute of the time I bought plan, I was DM’d on twitter by one of their tech representative about this and the next minute it was fixed. I am really impressed with their prompt support. I will really recommend their hosting.

Well, now no more things are coming in my mind to write into my first post! And already getting late for my snooker match with a friend. So TATA! Bye! 🙂