Dec 04 2011

Review: Lyrics by MusiXmatch

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Are you lazy enough to search for the lyrics of the song you are playing or just wish that Music Player can show it while playing the song automatically? Well, then Lyrics by MusiXmatch is the perfect App for you. This free app features a gorgeous looking UI which is inspired by the WIndows Phone’s Metro UI. Beautiful UI and sleek design makes the perfect thing anyone would ever wish. Lyrics is developed in Qt. Not only the beautiful UI and design but it possess nice features as well. Read more to learn more about the app!  😛


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Dec 01 2011

Symbian Belle got some Bug?

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Symbian Belle for Nokia N8 appeared for sometime on Navifirm and some users managed to download it and uploaded to  file hosting sites as I mentioned here , I, losing all the patience, flashed it to my N8. It is said to be official Firmware for T-Mobile. How ever I encountered some bug / malfunctioning of this.

Last night, I installed Gravity and Swype only. But in the morning, when I tried to open Gravity from Homescreen, shortcut wasn’t responding. I thought to open from menu but encountered error: “Homescreen: Application can not be run because of security reason”. After all this, I thought to restart my phone (a standard method to solve issue in Symbian 😉 ). After phone started, I couldn’t find Gravity or Swype in my phone, they were gone! I downloaded Gravity again and installed. After installation, when I started Gravity, my all accounts I added previously was there! This is strange, because if application existed, I would have been asked to overwrite it! However, old data was still there!

I was still not sure if this happened just to me, but a twitter user @TKay_88 also said he faced same thing on his Symbian Belle for N8! I won’t consider this to be a serious issue and comparing to the fun of Belle, I can surely ignore it.

Apart from this, I have not found any issue with Belle. Phone has become amazingly fast and new UI is awesome! I must say, I am in love with Symbian Belle! 🙂

Did you guys find any problem with your phone? Do share here. 🙂

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Nov 26 2011

Review: Astroller

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Ever wondered which star you’re looking in sky at night or ever wanted to know about any star or planet you’ve looked? Well, then Astroller is here for you. All you got to do is to point your phone at the sky and Astroller will identify the object you’re looking at. It doesn’t only identify the object, but feeds you with the details of the object. Astroller uses the GPS and compass to provide you the best accuracy you can expect from any app. Read more to discover what Astroller can do.

Author: Heliotrope

Version Reviewed: 4.0

Price: Rs. 50


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Nov 04 2011

Nokia E7 – Beautiful Business Companion

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It’s been many days since I have had Nokia E7 in my hand, but couldn’t post the review. Well, I have been little busy with college because term end came and submission and all that started. Anyway, I am writing review now. Few weeks ago WOMWorldNokia (now @Nokia_Connects ) sent me a review unit of Nokia E7 and I am still playing around with it. My Nokia  N8 is still at Nokia Care for last couple of weeks as for further service and due to holidays of Diwali. So I was completely over Nokia E7 and being one and only phone with me, I got to know it much deeply than I may have got along with N8.  All I can say now is, it was very nice time with Nokia E7.

Anyways, I have been user of Nokia N8 for more than a year now and Nokia E7, like a cousin of Nokia N8, contains many similarities with Nokia N8 in design and spces, so my review will take many points of the devices from the perspective of a Nokia N8 user.

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Oct 04 2011

New MWTR PC Interface

Category: Review,websiteksg91 @ 5:22 pm

If you are wap surfer and used to be active in wap community, then you must know @nolovelust and his wap community builder Mobile.Web.Tr . After launching it’s version 3 last year in February 2010, he promised to build a PC interface for it soon. However, he got busy and didn’t get time later. Few days ago, I got to know that he stated working on PC interface and I was like “yay” 

Currently, this PC interface of v3 is in closed beta and you will not be able to access it for now but you will surely get sneak peak of it. 😉

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Oct 03 2011

Review: Nokia BH-905i Walkthrough

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Brief History

If you have read my post I posted two weeks ago, you may remember that I got Nokia BH-905i with a review unit of Nokia E7. I really thank kind guys at WOMWorldNokia for sending me this along with Nokia E7 even without me asking for it. I am really grateful for this.

About BH-905i

No matter if you are an office person or random guy, you use phone either to listen to music or for call purpose quite often and having a wireless headset may look quite pleasant. At the same time, cordless headset brings the fear of low quality audio to mind. Well that was the past; nowadays you find many Bluetooth Stereo Headsets offering great sound quality rival to the wired stereo headset. When you are considering such headsets, you may no miss to count Nokia BH-905i. BH-905i is the successor of BH-905 with many improvements to its design and quality.

BH-905i possesses some impressive specifications. One of that is Active Noise Cancellation with it’s 8 dedicated microphones to cancel out background noise and 2 microphones for speech capturing and advance digital signal processing providing you clear communication experiences. Other features are nice audio quality, elegant design, wide compatibility, etc. But does it meet all our expectation very well? Let’s see.

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Sep 26 2011

Weird Bug in WordPress for Nokia

Category: App,bug,Mobile Phones,Nokiaksg91 @ 12:00 pm

Blogging and WordPress is something you can’t separate. So how can I? I started blogging last month using WordPress and being user of  Wordpress, I started using WordPress for Nokia. It was solely used for checking comments or similar because writing a blog post is quite boring for me on mobile phones. While using it for few days, I discovered a weird bug.

While using WordPress for some days, I had to change my admin password. But when I started WordPress for Nokia after changing password, it showed me error, Username/Password do not match. (Yeah, I know thats obvious). But on start up it kept showing this error for each operation it does on start up like fetching comments, fetching pages, fetching post etc. This is little weird.


 My point is, if app has already found that Username/Password is not matching, why is it still trying to do all those operations? I think, developer should have took care for this.

I know you guys gonna ask what is so weird about this, right? Correct, real weird bug comes after that. After all those operations finishes, WordPress for Nokia comes back to its splash screen (as showed at the starting of post) and stays there for forever! Only thing we can do is to kill/close the app! It doesn’t even ask for new Username/Password, it goes forward neither! This is really annoying.

Reinstalling the app should fix this.  I wish that these bugs are fixed in next build.

Sep 04 2011

Qwiki – Presents The Information You Want

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Most of Google users, sometimes, feel lazy to go through all search result and find appropriate content then read it. People like me are really lazy to do this stuff. Ever wished that someone can give you presentation on the topic you want to know about like we ask our teacher about some topic and he start explaining or you ask friend about some place he visited and he explains?  You can leave this stuff to Qwiki –

One of my friend on Facebook sent me a message

The goal of this website is to change the way we experience information. Just enter the query for example. some place or person or some topic, instead of list of result, you will get to see a presentation slide explaining the query’s topic. It will not only be some photos or visual effects but with audio giving information on the search query.

They say,

We are the first to turn information into an experience. We believe that just because data is stored by machines doesn’t mean it should be presented as a machine-readable list. Let’s try harder.

Qwiki is still in alpha phase and they claim to have more than 3MM reference topics till now and more is coming. Qwiki won the TechCrunch Disrupt Award in 2010.

Qwiki has ipad app and seven weeks after launch, the Qwiki App was downloaded over 500,000 times!

The Qwiki Embed API allows third party applications to easily embed a series of Qwikis. It is possible to embed a curated collection of Qwikis such as the “Qwiki of the Day” or supply a search query and embed the returned results. You may get search results in JSON or JSONP. Check out more on their APIs here:

At the end, I must say, its very innovative approach to search engine concepts. Whats your thoughts on this?


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