Sep 26 2011

Weird Bug in WordPress for Nokia

Category: App,bug,Mobile Phones,Nokiaksg91 @ 12:00 pm

Blogging and WordPress is something you can’t separate. So how can I? I started blogging last month using WordPress and being user of  Wordpress, I started using WordPress for Nokia. It was solely used for checking comments or similar because writing a blog post is quite boring for me on mobile phones. While using it for few days, I discovered a weird bug.

While using WordPress for some days, I had to change my admin password. But when I started WordPress for Nokia after changing password, it showed me error, Username/Password do not match. (Yeah, I know thats obvious). But on start up it kept showing this error for each operation it does on start up like fetching comments, fetching pages, fetching post etc. This is little weird.


 My point is, if app has already found that Username/Password is not matching, why is it still trying to do all those operations? I think, developer should have took care for this.

I know you guys gonna ask what is so weird about this, right? Correct, real weird bug comes after that. After all those operations finishes, WordPress for Nokia comes back to its splash screen (as showed at the starting of post) and stays there for forever! Only thing we can do is to kill/close the app! It doesn’t even ask for new Username/Password, it goes forward neither! This is really annoying.

Reinstalling the app should fix this.  I wish that these bugs are fixed in next build.

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