Jan 18 2015

My Programming Blog: http://lokalhost.in

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It’s been a pretty long time since I last posted here. I have decided to resume blogging but my all programming related blog posts will be on my new blog which is dedicated to programming stuff only. Please bookmark my new blog: http://lokalhost.in

I may continue to post general posts (rants!) on this blog posts.

Hope to see you there. 🙂


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Dec 29 2013

Testing @Tweet_My_Post with Media Upload

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Jan 11 2012

Announcing NokiaTips.in

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Recently me and my friend @youngbobby2 has started a new blog about Nokia at http://NokiaTips.in We will share useful stuff about Nokia and also the news.

You can also follow NokiaTips on Twitter at @NokiaTips or like us on Facebook at http://NokiaTips.in

This blog and service is still new and we are still short at team to keep the blog updated. If any of you are interested in joining and contributing to NokiaTips Blog, please contact us  on twitter or mail me at ego at ksg91 dot com

Dont forget to have a look at site and Twitter account. 🙂