Mar 09 2012

3 – Tips To Increase Backlinks and Traffic From Search Engines

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If you are blogging about current trends or unique topics, search engines play vital role in traffic to your blog. This apply to any kind of sites too. For better rank in search results, backlinks play key role. But how to get thousands of back links? By spamming? No. By buying from those so called backlink building services? Hell NO. Let me share how I created thousands of backlinks by just few work.

To build backlinks, you are not suppose to spam on different sites. There are legal ways you can choose to have backlinks.


First way is to put link to your site/blog in your signature at the forums or discussion boards, you’re using. Almost all forums allow this. So, now link to your site will be displayed at lease as many times as you have posted in forum or discussion board. I used to be very active user at Chip Forums and I had put links to my blogs there. Here is how many links I got to my site from that forum alone:

Do I need to mention how greatly this helped? Well, in just two after adding link to my signature, traffic to my blog increased about 15x times. Usually I used to get 20-30hits from SE daily, and after two days, around 400!


Other way is to engage in discussion on other blogs. Visit and read blogs of your interests, and comment on the blog post (not worthlessly please) and use your blog/site url in Website field of comment form. But don’t put worthless comments else it won’t be approved by author.


You can also make friends with other blog and mutually agree to add links in sidebar. This will create backlinks on all pages of the blog and significantly increase backlinks.


If you have more tips or experiences to share, don’t forget to comment. 🙂

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Sep 23 2011

How To Enable New Facebook Timeline

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After Google coming to Social Networking with its Google+ service, you must have noticed Facebook frequently making changes to its features and layouts. But you must be surprised to see dramatic changes Facebook took to user profiles, i.e Timeline.

According to  Facebook,

Tell your life story with a new kind of profile

Here is a screenshot of new profile:
Facebook Timeline
Well, I am not going deep about what changes does this timeline takes, but how to enable it. You can read more about this timeline at

This timeline is currently available to developers only and for everyone it will be available soon. So those who can’t wait should follow simple step explained below. But for this you must have a verified account, i.e. verified phone number or credit card.

This is for developers only and I do not recommend using it unless you are a developer.


Follow steps below to get it:

  1. You need to login first.
  2. Enable Developer mode by going to  and allow permissions.
  3. Now what you need to do is to create an app. Fill all necessary details. (Don’t worry, you dont need to publish it)
  4. Go to main setting screen of your app and under Open Graph header, you will find Get Started link. Click it
  5. You are asked to add an action and an object ( on which that action is being performed). Add any verb and subject there.
  6. Keep saving and going next, putting all things to default values.
  7. Once finished saving setting on all three pages, go back to Facebook’s Home page.
  8. You will get an invitation to try new Timeline feature. Accept it.
  9. You are done! 😀
To see your new profile you need to open if you are not getting timelines after applying above steps.
Your new timeline will be visible to you only until you publish it, though only developers with timeline feature will be able to see it after publishing. If you do not publish, it will be set to be public after a week.

This new profile is nice. I like it. I can see some new things coming to Facebook after this. Lets see what comes.

Just say what do you feel about this new timeline profile? And you can ask me if you are having any trouble using it.

PS: Don’t mind my writing, I am quite sleepy. 😛

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