May 29 2012

Tweet My Post v1.2 Update

Category: WordPressksg91 @ 2:11 pm

I have just released small update for Tweet My Post WordPress plugin. This update allows you to enable debug log. Response from the twitter will be logged, so that you can find out any issue, if any.

More updates will be coming in few days. This updates will bring custom tweet format, user authentication, etc. Stay Tuned.

Visit to check out the plugin. Suggestions are most welcome. 🙂

What is Tweet My Post?

It is a WordPress plugin allows wordpress users to set their twitter handle and whenever a new post is published, tweet will be sent with post’s title, link and it’s author’s twitter handle. A sample tweet would be “POST_TITLE – POST_LINK by @AUTHOR” . If Author has not set any handle, only POST_TITLE & POST_LINK are tweeted.

Don’t forget to rate the plugin. 🙂

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Mar 09 2012

3 – Tips To Increase Backlinks and Traffic From Search Engines

Category: SEOksg91 @ 12:32 pm

If you are blogging about current trends or unique topics, search engines play vital role in traffic to your blog. This apply to any kind of sites too. For better rank in search results, backlinks play key role. But how to get thousands of back links? By spamming? No. By buying from those so called backlink building services? Hell NO. Let me share how I created thousands of backlinks by just few work.

To build backlinks, you are not suppose to spam on different sites. There are legal ways you can choose to have backlinks.


First way is to put link to your site/blog in your signature at the forums or discussion boards, you’re using. Almost all forums allow this. So, now link to your site will be displayed at lease as many times as you have posted in forum or discussion board. I used to be very active user at Chip Forums and I had put links to my blogs there. Here is how many links I got to my site from that forum alone:

Do I need to mention how greatly this helped? Well, in just two after adding link to my signature, traffic to my blog increased about 15x times. Usually I used to get 20-30hits from SE daily, and after two days, around 400!


Other way is to engage in discussion on other blogs. Visit and read blogs of your interests, and comment on the blog post (not worthlessly please) and use your blog/site url in Website field of comment form. But don’t put worthless comments else it won’t be approved by author.


You can also make friends with other blog and mutually agree to add links in sidebar. This will create backlinks on all pages of the blog and significantly increase backlinks.


If you have more tips or experiences to share, don’t forget to comment. 🙂

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Feb 25 2012

How to Track Your WordPress Plugin’s users?

Category: PHP,Programming,WordPressksg91 @ 7:59 pm

Let me clear this straight, this post isn’t about to create WordPress plugin, but how to track your plugin users (blogs).

I have recently published my first plugin on WordPress’ repository at and I felt really happy to see the downloads. However, what I was missing was, who are using my plugin. I am not sure if tracking the plugin users prohibited or not by WordPress but I am just tracking the url of blogs, that uses my plugin.

Let’s get back to the point – how to track our plugin’s users. This is a simple thing, but main thing is, this should strike your mind. I am posting this for those who haven’t thought (or not able make this happen). Useful also if you’re planning to make one too.

Plugin has a plugin_activation and plugin_deactivation hook, that means, you can register your functions that are executed every time, your plugin is activated and deactivated.

You need to add following code in your plugin file:
As I mentioned earlier, I have added log_operation($op) in the functions that are called while activation and deactivation. $op is operation, either activate or deactivate. Use  appropriate operation in functions. Then whenever plugin is activated or deactivated, log_operation will be called. That function will create a cURL session and post the data of blog url and activation status to the page on our server. Now, what you need to do is to put following code in a page, let’s call it service.php, which is hosted at your server. What it will do is, add the status in our database. You need to put link to this page in above code as a value of $url variable.  
The code is relatively simple to understand so I’m not explaining it at all. Just replace the database name and user details with yours. You will now need the database. Use following table:

Well, you are not ready to see, who are using your plugin. You can look into your database table and enjoy! 😀

If you’re lazy to open PhpMyAdmin and browse the database, simply make a file which fetches the data and display it. 😉

I have not added this in my initial release of plugin, so I can only track the users who are using it after Tweet My Post 1.0. Actually, I should be able to track old users too, because WordPress first deactivate plugin, update it and the reactivate it, so I should have the data of old users who have update the plugin but WordPress doesn’t execute activation and deactivation hook while updating plugin. I’m not sure if this is a bug or intentional, but I can’t know my old users unless they deactivate and reactivate the plugin.

Anyways, if you have any problem or query, please let me know in comments below or ping me  @ksg91 on Twitter. 🙂

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Feb 23 2012

Tweet My Post 1.0 Available

Category: PHP,Programmingksg91 @ 11:11 pm

I have just released an update for Tweet My Post plugin for wordpress. If you are already using it, update it from Plugin menu. You can try plugin by searching for “Tweet My Post” in plugin directory or visit

New version doesn’t have changes to end user but I have updated code internally and added tracking system for me, so that I can analyze plugin usage.

Let me know if you face some problem or issue with this new update. Suggestions are most welcomed.

It’s really nice to see around 400 downloads in just 2 days. Thanks for the support guys. 🙂


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Feb 19 2012

Tweet My Post – A WordPress Plugin

Category: PHP,Programmingksg91 @ 10:16 am

I also run a blog at and we have many authors there. I always wanted a plugin which auto-tweet our new post to our Twitter account @NokiaTips. There are several WordPress plugin available but I wanted more out of that. I wanted that, that tweet should also contain the twitter handle of Author, so that readers can know that post is authored by whom. I searched WordPress’ Plugin directory but couldn’t find one. So, I thought, better to create one, myself.

I have almost finished the plugin. Find its Git repo at Github –

I may have some bug. It’s beta release for now tagged 0.9.

If you have any suggestion, please let me know. You can also contribute to Plugin by forking the repo.

Feel free to try the plugin, after all, it’s free. 😉

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Jan 24 2012

Fackbook Hacker Cup 2012 Qualification Round Solutions [Java] & Explaination

Category: Programmingksg91 @ 6:58 pm


I had trashed the post for several days as the solution was shown incorrect in final result and the post was getting high traffic. I didn’t have enough time to fix the post and didn’t wanted to mislead the visitors, so trashing was the easiest option to choose. 😉

For those who don’t know what Facebook Hacker Cup is, it an annual event hosted by Facebook itself which test your skill in Algorithms and problem solving.

Facebook Hacker Cup 2012 Qualification Round ended some hours ago and now I can post my solutions here and that won’t be cheating. 😉 Final scoreboard is still not updated but I believe my solutions are correct, at least for example input/output, they worked correctly & efficiently.

Last year, I successfully solved all three problems of Qualification round ( 2 medium level and 1 hard) and 2 problems of Round 1 (hard level but didn’t work efficiently in time limit for  their huge constraints). Sadly, this year, I could solve only two problems out of three. I failed to solve Auction problem. Don’t know whom to blame, my skill, lack of interest (as only 1 problem needs to be solved to qualify) or my laziness. I solved Billboard and Alphabet Soup problems. Solutions are in java.


We are starting preparations for Hacker Cup 2013 really early. Our first step is to prepare billboards to advertise the contest. We have text for hundreds of billboards, but we need your help to design them.

The billboards are of different sizes, but are all rectangular. The billboard widths and heights are all integers. We will supply you with the size in inches and the text we want printed. We want you to tell us how large we can print the text, such that it fits on the billboard without splitting any words across lines. Since this is to attract hackers like yourself, we will use a monospace font, meaning that all characters are of the same width (e.g.. ‘l’ and ‘m’ take up the same horizontal space, as do space characters). The characters in our font are of equal width and height, and there will be no additional spacing between adjacent characters or adjacent rows. If you print a word on one line and print the next word on the next line, you do not need to print a space between them.

Let’s say we want to print the text “Facebook Hacker Cup 2013″ on a 350×100″ billboard. If we use a font size of 33” per character, then we can print “Facebook” on the first line, “Hacker Cup” on the second and “2013” on the third. The widest of the three lines is “Hacker Cup”, which is 330″ wide. There are three lines, so the total height is 99″. We cannot go any larger.


The first line of the input file contains a single integer T: the number of test cases. T lines follow, each representing a single test case in the form “W H S”. W and H are the width and height in inches of the available space. S is the text to be written.


Output T lines, one for each test case. For each case, output “Case #t: s”, where t is the test case number (starting from 1) and s is the maximum font size, in inches per character, we can use. The size must be an integral number of inches. If the text does not fit when printed at a size of 1″, then output 0.


  • 1 <=T <= 20
  • 1 <=W, H <= 1000
  • The text will contain only lower-case letters a-z, upper-case letters A-Z, digits 0-9 and the space character
  • The text will not start or end with the space character, and will never contain two adjacent space characters
  • The text in each case contains at most 1000 characters
Example input
20 6 hacker cup
100 20 hacker cup 2013
55 25 Can you hack
100 20 Hack your way to the cup

Example output
Case #1: 3
Case #2: 10
Case #3: 2
Case #4: 8
Case #5: 7

UPDATE: While my solution seemed correct conceptually and even for the example input, it yielded correct  output, final scoreboard said, my output was incorrect. I have not try to find the correct solution due to lack of time but if you guys can figure out my mistake, please feel free to comment. 🙂

 The problem seems simple for some but it wasn’t that simple because you are not suppose to split a word. After thinking enough, I came to the solution that we should solve it by increasing font size linearly and wrapping text in billboard. Here wrapping was main thing, I mean, if  total width exceed available space, just put last word in new row and follow these steps until new rows are available. And when total height of rows exceed the available height, you have your maximum size available.
I had implemented it much earlier but wasn’t getting correct answers and after a day, I realized, algorithm was correct but I was passing parameters in wrong sequence, i.e. passing height and width as width and height while function call! 😛
Lets have a look at implementation of  this algorithm in Java:
[sourcecode language=”java”]
* To change this template, choose Tools | Templates
* and open the template in the editor.
package hackercup;

* @author kishan
public class BillBoard1 {
int h,w;
String s;
int rows=1;
int maxSize=1;
String rowText[]=new String[1000];
public BillBoard1(int w,int h, String s)
this.s=new String(s);
rowText[0]=new String(s);
int getMaxSize()

boolean b=wrapText();
return maxSize-1;
return (maxSize-1);
boolean wrapText()
for(int i=0;iw)
int lastIndex=rowText[i].lastIndexOf(&amp;quot; &amp;quot;);
return true;
rowText[i+1]=new String(rowText[i].substring(lastIndex+1)).trim();
rowText[i+1]=new String(rowText[i].substring(lastIndex+1)+&amp;quot; &amp;quot;+rowText[i+1]).trim();

//System.out.println(rows+&amp;quot; &amp;quot;+maxSize);
return false;

public static void main(String[] args) throws IOException
//int r;
FileInputStream fl=new FileInputStream(&amp;quot;D:input1.txt&amp;quot;);
DataInputStream dis=new DataInputStream(fl);
int t=Integer.parseInt(dis.readLine());
for(int i=1;i {
//String[] s=dis.readLine().split(&amp;quot; &amp;quot;);
String os=dis.readLine();
String[] s=os.split(&amp;quot; &amp;quot;);
String str[]=os.split(&amp;quot;[0-9]+ [0-9]+&amp;quot;);
BillBoard1 obj=new BillBoard1(Integer.parseInt(s[0]),Integer.parseInt(s[1]),str[1].trim());
System.out.println(&amp;quot;Case #&amp;quot;+i+&amp;quot;: &amp;quot;+obj.getMaxSize());

I consider this to be efficient because considering the constraints, this implementation gave output in less than a second.

Alphabet Soup

Alfredo Spaghetti really likes soup, especially when it contains alphabet pasta. Every day he constructs a sentence from letters, places the letters into a bowl of broth and enjoys delicious alphabet soup.

Today, after constructing the sentence, Alfredo remembered that the Facebook Hacker Cup starts today! Thus, he decided to construct the phrase “HACKERCUP”. As he already added the letters to the broth, he is stuck with the letters he originally selected. Help Alfredo determine how many times he can place the word “HACKERCUP” side-by-side using the letters in his soup.

The first line of the input file contains a single integer T: the number of test cases. T lines follow, each representing a single test case with a sequence of upper-case letters and spaces: the original sentence Alfredo constructed.

Output T lines, one for each test case. For each case, output “Case #t: n”, where t is the test case number (starting from 1) and n is the number of times the word “HACKERCUP” can be placed side-by-side using the letters from the sentence.

1 < T ? 20
Sentences contain only the upper-case letters A-Z and the space character
Each sentence contains at least one letter, and contains at most 1000 characters, including spaces

Example input


Example output

Case #1: 1
Case #2: 2
Case #3: 1
Case #4: 0
Case #5: 1

This problem is quite simple. You are suppose to count the frequency of character, we require to form hackercup. Each time you create hackercup, you need h, a, 2x c, k, e, r, u, p. Simple implementation of this problem  in java is here:

[sourcecode language=”java”]&amp;lt;/pre&amp;gt;
* To change this template, choose Tools | Templates
* and open the template in the editor.

package hackercup2;
* @author kishan
public class Alphabet {
void calculateAlphaFor(String s,int tc)
int h=0,a=0,c=0,k=0,e=0,r=0,u=0,p=0;
int count=0;
for(int i=0;i {
case ‘H’:
case ‘A’:
case ‘C’:
case ‘K’:
case ‘E’:
case ‘R’:
case ‘U’:
case ‘P’:
if(c<=1 || h==0 || a==0 || k==0 || e==0 ||r==0 || u==0 ||p==0 )
System.out.println(&amp;quot;Case #&amp;quot;+tc+&amp;quot;: &amp;quot;+count);
public static void main(String[] a) throws IOException
FileInputStream fl=new FileInputStream(&amp;quot;D:input.txt&amp;quot;);
DataInputStream dis=new DataInputStream(fl);
Alphabet obj=new Alphabet();
int t=Integer.parseInt(dis.readLine());
for(int i=1;i {


I don’t think more explanation for this solution is needed. It’s quite simple and straight forward.

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Jan 13 2012

Autolink-Twitter : A WordPress Plugin to Autolink the mentions and hashtags

Category: PHPksg91 @ 3:27 pm

WordPress’ official plugin contains some nice plugins that automatically replace mentions and hashtags with links to the profile and search page. But they also brings other several features. I just wanted a simple plugin which does only this thing. I also wanted to learn making plugins for wordpress. So I thought to make one.

So here is a plugin I named Autolink-Twitter. It links mentions to twitter profile page and hashtags to search stream.

Download Plugin: Autolink-Twitter

How to Install?

Put autolink-twitter.php file under your plugin directory and activate plugin from your admin menu.
I haven’t uploaded the plugin yet to library because I think very few people would be interested there.
You may keep up with this plugin on my Git repository on github at

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Jan 11 2012


Category: Uncategorizedksg91 @ 10:01 am

Recently me and my friend @youngbobby2 has started a new blog about Nokia at We will share useful stuff about Nokia and also the news.

You can also follow NokiaTips on Twitter at @NokiaTips or like us on Facebook at

This blog and service is still new and we are still short at team to keep the blog updated. If any of you are interested in joining and contributing to NokiaTips Blog, please contact us  on twitter or mail me at ego at ksg91 dot com

Dont forget to have a look at site and Twitter account. 🙂

Dec 24 2011

Simple Function to Delete Files Matching a Pattern in Directory and sub-dir

Category: PHP,Programmingksg91 @ 2:31 pm

Today, a guy was asking for a small PHP function to delete all files which match a pattern in a particular directory and all it’s sub-direcory . So I wrote following simple function which uses stack to keep track of unvisited directory. It is similar to Depth-First-Search approach for traversing nodes in a tree.

[sourcecode language=”php”]

function removeFiles($dir,$pattern)
$a= glob($dir.’/’.$pattern);
foreach($a as $file) {
if(is_dir($file)) {
echo "File: ".$file." has been removed.

Let me know if there is any improvement I can do on this code. 🙂

Dec 14 2011

How to Flash Symbian Belle to Nokia N8?

Category: Mobile Phones,Nokia,Symbianksg91 @ 1:00 pm

As I mentioned in my previous blog posts, Symbian Belle for Nokia N8 appeared on Navifirm and I flashed it to my Nokia N8. And then Symbian Belle official release was delayed to Q1 2012 as mentioned  here and people are almost frustrated because of so much delay. Everybody out there want to try Symbian Belle but some don;t know how to do it and some are afraid to brick their phone. I got several request for explaining how to flash Belle to Nokia N8 on twitter ( @ksg91 )  and  explaining this in 140 char is almost impossible. So, as promised, I am writing this post on how to flash Nokia N8.

Continue reading “How to Flash Symbian Belle to Nokia N8?”

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